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Use the unique ID no. issued with every purchase of Rave Anywhere merch to enter the Rarehead draw for your chance to have us come and Rave Anywhere with YOU!!
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Do you want Rave Anywhere at your house party, bedroom, garden, places of work etc?

You can book us directly HERE or leave it to chance and become a Rave Anywhere Rarehead by purchasing 1 of our Rave Anywhere Tees. Every purchase allows you to enter the draw and win a personal Rave Anywhere experience just for YOU!! - We will do anything the winner suggests, from invading their work party to waking up their best mate from a hangover. Come get involved while supporting the Rave Anywhere movement.

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If you want to get involved with Rave Anywhere and book us for your event we can guarantee a unique experience for your guests!!

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The best way to support Rave Anywhere (Other than dancing like a nutta) is to buy some of our lovely merch - All profits will go directly into Rave Anywhere to help pay for bigger and better shows and equipment. Thank You for your support!